Once your wedding day is all said and done, the images are the thing that will last generations.

This is something you’ll be able to flip through with your spouse on an anniversary, show your kids or even grand kids. As I am all for digital images, these files can easily get lost. Will usb drives/facebook be around when your grandkids are born? Most likely not!

An album is something that is special and easy to grab instead of searching for the digital images on your computer. As weeks pass you receive your wedding images and it brings back all the amazing memories from your wedding day but now what? This is where many couples don’t know what to do with their digital online gallery images.

The biggest thing I can say to do, is when budgeting for your wedding, set aside the cost for your wedding album! If you don’t do this, it’s unlikely that you will ever get an album afterwards.

You might think you’ll get around to printing your images and making an album, but honestly that’s not always the case.

There is something so valuable in being able to hold these images rather than view them on a screen. Why not invest into this value for you, your spouse and future generation. When you buy an album, you not only are saving your memories, but you are creating an experience for your future family.

If you’re bride, you will have to research many Labs which are most likely “photographer only labs.” Meaning you wont be able to order since you aren’t a photographer. This leaves you at a huge disadvantage because A. you probably don’t have a professional lab up your sleeve and B. This would take you many hours since this most likely isn’t your profession. Over all, you won’t have a fine art album if this isn’t your expertise.

The lab I work with is more than just an album company. At Alexcover, I see them as part of my team!


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